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Title Scripture Date Series
Popup Player Joel - Fear the Lord Joel 24 February 2019 Timeless Truths
Popup Player Transformation Acts 9:1-22 02 December 2018 Spirit-filled evangelism
Popup Player The Son of Man must suffer Mark 8:31-33 03 June 2018 MUST!
Popup Player willing Sacrifice John 18:1-11 25 March 2018 Jesus
Popup Player Waiting and listening to God 1 Samuel 3 05 November 2017
Popup Player Brand New Ephesians 1:1-2 30 April 2017 Transformed Life
Popup Player For Christ's sake Hebrews 11:23-29 05 March 2017 Living by faith
Popup Player The Promise of the Gospel Galatians 3:1-25 31 July 2016 No other Gospel
Popup Player Unsupported Lifestyle Hebrews 10:23-25
Exodus 17:8-13
26 June 2016 Passion Killers
Popup Player Freedom 10 April 2016 LIFE
Popup Player The Christ Mark 8:27-9:1 25 October 2015 Mark's Jesus
Popup Player Praise! Psalm 95:1-5 07 June 2015 Encountering God
Popup Player Josiah 2 Kings 22:1-23:37 18 November 2014 Unsung Heroes
Popup Player Love one another Romans 12:3-12:21 21 September 2014 What's Our Purpose?
Popup Player The Power of God in Us Ephesians 5:1-5:33 29 June 2014 The Holy Spirit
Popup Player What's the point of... Work 02 February 2014 What's the point of....
Popup Player Nicodemus John 3:1-3:21 17 November 2013 Encounters with Jesus.
Popup Player Children of God: 1 John 2:23-3:10 08 September 2013 Life Light & Love
Popup Player Enemies Acts 19:23-19:41 28 July 2013 Ephesus a life of E's
Popup Player Don't grumble against one another Luke 15:25-32 & James 5:9 23 June 2013 WWJD?
Title Description
"Filled with the Spirit" A series for Pentecost looking at those described in Acts
All about Jesus
Answers to awkward questions
Blessed are those ... who read the psalms and take note of what they teach.
Catching the vision for Saltisford What is the Lord saying to us?
Countdown to life Reverse order ten commandments for today
Cross-word puzzles
Elijah - a man like us?
Encountering God

Thinkins about our worship

Encounters with Jesus. Looking at our lives through the eyes of those who met Jesus as recorded in the early chapters of the gospel of John
Ephesus a life of E's The story of the church in Ephesus. From establisment to evaluation.
James : Practical Help Practical help for christians
Jesus - before Abraham was - I am
Jesus - what a Saviour!
Jesus is Lord of all...
Life Light & Love Picking out the main themes of John's first letter.
Luke's Jesus Challenging our complacency
Mark's Jesus

A series focussing on Jesus

Mission in the light of the resurrection Easter series 2008

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