Sunday Evenings


In addition to our Sunday morning service,

we also offer services in the afternoon and evening. 

Check the Service Calendar below to check for specific weeks 


Life Lounge

Where diverse speakers, captivating themes, and engaging series converge. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and delicious pudding while immersing yourself in thought-provoking discussions and inspiring talks.


Time: 1st Sunday of each month 18:30-19:30




CrossRoads warmly welcomes adults with learning difficulties or dementia to a supportive Christian community. Come share in uplifting fellowship, where every individual is valued and embraced. Together, let's journey in faith, love, and understanding. All are cherished and invited to join us on this meaningful path.


Time: 2nd Sunday of each month 15:20-17:00



Worship Night

An evening of heartfelt praise, uplifting music, and spiritual connection. Join us for a time of worship, reflection, and community as we come together to honour and celebrate.


Time: 2nd Sunday of each month 18:30-19:30



Evening Communion Service

It is a great opportunity to follow Christ's command for us to remember Him. The service is an open format, with space to pray, read scriptures, share what is on your heart, praise with sung worship and take communion together.


Time: 3rd Sunday of each month 18:30-19:30



Global Focus Prayer Meeting

Uniting hearts from around the world in fervent prayer. Join us as we come together to intercede for global issues, seeking peace, healing, and guidance through the power of collective prayer.


Time: 2nd Sunday of each month 20:00-21:00

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