Bible Discovery Groups (BDG)



Bible Discovery Groups was named because that's exactly what we do, we discover the bible, together in groups. Nobody wants to go to school on a Sunday. The vision was: The groups would be so fun and engaging, that children would drag there parents to church on a Sunday, rather than the other way round. For more information on any of these sessions please contact our Youth & Children Worker Jamie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to hear from you!



On Sunday morning we have different activities available for 0-16's depending on there age:



Creche (0-3's)

We have a team of people committed to supporting our youngest members in the church. While we encourage parents to leave there children with the team, we understand that there is hesitation with younger children. We do our best to both support parents and children through this transition. Chat to one of the team on Sunday to see how we can do this for you. 



Explorer's (3-6's)

Our younger group, Explorers, has the primary role of exploring Christianity and the Bible at an early age. Often these stories are about the "Big Characters" in the bible and  also about all of Jesus' teachings. At Saltisford, we love to invest in our Children and we have a dedicated team who do this. 



Adventurer's (7-11's)

Our next group, Adventurers, is exploring what it might be like to live a life the way Jesus has called us to do. This is accessible for all children regardless of there previous knowledge of the bible, Jesus or Christianity.  Because of this, the age range slightly differs in this group to accommodate those who need this level of teaching before moving on to the next one. however its primary role is for school years 3-7. 



Youth sessions (12+)

For young people, we have avoided using "names" as this can seem childish. So, our Youth Sessions are generally running 2 out of the 4 Sundays. These are deeper sessions often encouraging young people to live a life that may be different than what the culture around them says. We grapple with "hot topics" and current culture issues while giving a biblical and Christian perspective. 


On the other 2 Sundays, the young people are encouraged to join the main congregation to help with transitions to Adulthood. One of these is a "service Sunday" where we encourage all the young people to serve the church in some way (projection, Sound, groups, coffee, etc) this is to help them find there gifting and allow us as church to encourage them in that.



Junior Church

Once a month we have both Explorers and Adventurers come together to be a bigger group we call Junior Church. This is to get the older ones to encourage the younger ones but also to feel part of something bigger. These sessions are usually slightly longer that the other Sundays and help to engage the age groups in different ways. 





In addition to bible discovery groups for young people, we also have different children & youth activities during the week. To know more please click here.

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