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Title Scripture Date Series
Popup Player Don't grumble against one another Luke 15:25-32 & James 5:9 23 June 2013 WWJD?
Popup Player United! The way of unity. Ephesians 4:1-4:16 24 June 2012 United!
Popup Player Responses to Jesus - Judas Matthew 26:14-26:75 11 March 2012 Responses to Jesus at Easter
Popup Player Blessed are those whose sins are forgiven Psalm 32:1-32:11 07 August 2011 Blessed are those
Popup Player The Sovereignty of God :Job Job 42:1-42:6 13 February 2011 Turning Points
Popup Player Practical Help: James 3:14-4:12 James 3:14-4:12 05 December 2010 James : Practical Help
Popup Player The Seven Acts 6:1-6:7 23 May 2010 "Filled with the Spirit"
Popup Player Luke's Jesus : 22:31-38 & 47-62 Luke 22:31-22:62 21 March 2010 Luke's Jesus
Popup Player ...lead us not into temptation Matthew 6:9-6:14 23 August 2009 When you pray - Say
Popup Player Putting Jesus first 17 May 2009 All about Jesus
Popup Player from Matthew 11 Matthew 11:28-11:29 03 May 2009 R & R for the soul
Popup Player ...chosen people Colossians 3:1-3:17 01 February 2009 Saltisford Church - we are...
Popup Player Haggai Haggai 1:1-2:23 07 December 2008 Small Prophets
Popup Player Hasn't science disproved God? 21 September 2008 Answers to awkward questions
Popup Player The saints Colossians 1:1-1:14 18 May 2008 Jesus is Lord of all...
Popup Player The Cross of Christ part 2 Hebrews 10:1-10:19 16 March 2008 Mission in the light of the resurrection
Popup Player 10: Don't covet 13 January 2008 Countdown to life
Popup Player Fruitfulness 1 John 15:1-15:17 02 December 2007 Catching the vision for Saltisford
Popup Player Lessons from the character of Nehemiah 18 November 2007 Various
Popup Player Glorious Son John 17:1-17:26 01 April 2007 Jesus - what a Saviour!
Title Description
O worship the King! Matthew's Gospel
R & R for the soul
Responses to Jesus at Easter
Saltisford Church - we are...
Small Prophets Is their message still true today?
The Holy Spirit
Trust and obey Studies in Exodus
Turning Points Sovereignty of God. Forehead slapping moments in the lives of individuals throughout the history of the bible when they discovered the secret to life.
Unsung Heroes An occasional series looking at the less celebrated characters of the Bible.
Various Individual sermons with a theme chosen by the speaker
What's Our Purpose? Exploring Saltisford's Purpose Statement.
What's the point of.... All ages join together for worship. Sunday School for children and teaching for the adults follows.
When you pray - Say Line by line wisdom from the Lord's prayer
Wonderful wisdom - chosen by you!
WWJD? What did Jesus say about how we relate to one another?
Passion Killers
No other Gospel
Living by faith

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