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Title Scripture Date Series
Popup Player I'm justified Romans 3:21-28 15 April 2018 In Christ
Popup Player Grain of Wheat John 12:20-36 18 February 2018 Jesus
Popup Player How to prosper when the going is tough Genesis 47 27 August 2017 Joseph
Popup Player Live out the Gospel Galatians 6:1-18 04 September 2016 No other Gospel
Popup Player Abraham and Isaac Genesis 22:1-19 21 February 2016 The Cross in the Old Testament
Popup Player Jesus: ruler of the waves Mark 4:35-41 26 July 2015 Mark's Jesus
Popup Player Dear woman, here is your son. John 19:26-27 21 June 2015 Jesus speaks from the cross
Popup Player Dealing with danger 1 Samuel 17:16-50 & Psalm 23 27 July 2014 Stuff Happens. Deal with it.
Popup Player The world and the devil 1 John 2:15-2:27 25 August 2013 Life Light & Love
Popup Player My Hero - Noah 19 August 2012 My Hero...
Popup Player Responses to Jesus - Disciples Matthew 26:36-26:46 25 March 2012 Responses to Jesus at Easter
Popup Player Responses to Jesus at Easter - the disciples Matthew 26:1-26:66 25 March 2012 Responses to Jesus at Easter
Popup Player Revelation 2-3 Revelation 2:1-3:22 05 June 2011 Apocalypse Now!
Popup Player The Sovereignty of God :Jeremiah Jeremiah 1:1-1:19 20 February 2011 Turning Points
Popup Player God of Glory: Revelation 1 Revelation 1:1-1:20 05 September 2010 God of Glory
Popup Player Luke's Jesus : 24:13-35 Luke 24:13-24:35 04 April 2010 Luke's Jesus
Popup Player ...give us this day Matthew 6:9-6:14 09 August 2009 When you pray - Say
Popup Player Ultimate survival 2 Timothy 3:1-3:17 19 July 2009 Keep your head
Popup Player 9: Don't give false testimony 03 February 2008 Countdown to life
Popup Player Luke's Jesus : 10:25-37 Luke 10:25-10:37 02 September 2007 Luke's Jesus
Title Description
Apocalypse Now! John's Revelation laid bare
Christian baggage check Measuring our lives against Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount
Christian character: power perfected in weakness Studies in 2 Corinthians
Church and community
Countdown to life Reverse order ten commandments for today
Easter Series 2006
God of Glory
Jesus - before Abraham was - I am
Jesus speaks from the cross

Exploring Jesus' last words

Keep your head Paul's advice in a second letter to a young Timothy
Life Light & Love Picking out the main themes of John's first letter.
Living as Easter people
Luke's Jesus Challenging our complacency
Mark's Jesus

A series focussing on Jesus

My Hero...
Responses to Jesus at Easter
Stuff Happens. Deal with it. How to handle the struggles of life inspired by David.
Three steps to heaven
Turning Points Sovereignty of God. Forehead slapping moments in the lives of individuals throughout the history of the bible when they discovered the secret to life.
Various Individual sermons with a theme chosen by the speaker

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