Title Scripture Date Series
Jesus: the Holy One of God Mark 1:21-34 26 April 2015 Mark's Jesus
Complaint #2 Answered Habakkuk 1:12-2:20 01 March 2015 Learning to stand in awe
Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 4:16 19 October 2014 Unsung Heroes
Generosity 20 July 2014 Early Church Characteristics
Hannah 1 Samuel 1:1-2:36 15 June 2014 Unsung Heroes
What a Week! Last Supper 2 John 13:18-13:38 13 April 2014 What a Week
... And Finally 1 John 5:13-5:21 19 January 2014 Life Light & Love
A Hospitable People Romans 12:13-12:13 22 September 2013 Transformed Lives
Establishment Acts 19:1-19:22 21 July 2013 Ephesus a life of E's
Truth for Today Ecclesiastes 9:11-10:2 21 June 2013 Truth for Today
Wind John 3:8-3:8 19 May 2013 Elements of the Holy Spirit
Journey to the Cross - Gethsemane Matthew 26:36-26:46 17 March 2013 Journey to the Cross
Truth for Today - the futility of atheism Ecclesiastes 1:1-1:18 13 January 2013 Truth for Today
Fight the Good Fight - ready for battle Ephesians 6:10-6:20 02 December 2012 Fight the good fight
Awesome God - from everlasting to everlasting Psalm 90:1-90:17 02 September 2012 Awesome God
Praise service 05 August 2012 Various
United! The purpose of unity. Romans 15:1-15:13 17 June 2012 United!
Christmas in the Prophets: O Little Town of Bethlehem 11 December 2011 Christmas foretold
A universal predicament Romans 2:17-3:20 24 July 2011 The Gospel of God
Fine Example : Daniel 10 April 2011 Work!
Title Description
The Cross in the Gospels How the writers record the death of Christ
The Gospel of God Exploring the gospel in depth from the early chapters of Romans.
The Holy Spirit
Transformed Lives Christ has come into our lives. What sort of people should we be?
Truth for Today
Unsung Heroes An occasional series looking at the less celebrated characters of the Bible.
Various Individual sermons with a theme chosen by the speaker
What a Week Journeying with Jesus to the tomb and beyond from the gospel of John.
When you pray - Say Line by line wisdom from the Lord's prayer
Work! What the Bible says about something we spend much of our lives doing.
Spirit of Promise
The Real Action Adenture
One Jesus
Living by faith
Transformed Life
Christmas Songs
New Year, New Vision
Let's talk about S*x
Spirit-filled evangelism

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